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Join us for the summer
Join us for the summer

Summer Mission’s Trip

Do you have an eagerness for seeing God’s kingdom come to those in Greece? Does your heart wish to give of your time and energy serving alongside of HM? If the answer is yes, then we want you here!

We are in need of short-term workers for the summer with the desire and motivation to answer God’s call in practical ways. You would be joining a team of staff members who are long-termed mission minded people. Many come from all over the world but all are united and motivated to reach Greece with God’s love. If this is your heart, then please consider joining us here this summer!


Must have a personal relationship with the Father.
Must be willing and ready to serve and give.
Must be in good health, physically and mentally.
Must speak English

PLEASE NOTE: This is volunteer work with no paid remuneration. So come with a heart ready to give and in doing so ready to receive God’s love as you serve Him.


The opportunities here are endless as well as constantly changing and expanding. If your heart is with us then contact us as soon as possible so we can share with you what is currently available and where the greatest need is.

When you contact us, let us know when and how long you hope to come. Also, let us know what your personal skills are. We believe that God has gifted each of His children with certain gifts and talents, useful for His kingdom. We want to know what those are.

Below we have provided a list of needs and positions that we already have for summer workers. If this is you then let us know:

Currently, we are looking for:

Work teams or individuals:
Experienced water sports people
Bible packers (May-July)
Bible distributors
Tent set-up & tear-down people
Food servers
Sound engineers
Nursery teachers

Please click here for details on how to contact us.