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Join us in prayer
Join us in prayer

How to pray for our missionaries

Attitude of servant-hood
Enablement in life and ministry
Flexibility in relationships
Patience with others
Compatibility with fellow workers
Heart of love for all men
Boldness in preaching
Fruitfulness in worship
Understanding of culture
Discipline in devotional life
Safety in travel
Courage in danger
Health in soul and body
Support adequate for needs
Wisdom to maintain finances
Protection from Satanic attacks
Current and ongoing prayer points for HM

Church planting:

Pray for guidance of the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord for His Word that was sown, and home Bible studies that have been started.

Porto Astro:

Pray for the five camps that are being hosted at Porto Astro this summer. Pray for safety and for God to use this time in the campers lives to draw them into deeper personal relationships with Jesus.
Pray especially that the refugee camps will provide times of rest and refreshment for the Muslim men and families attending the camps. Pray for openness to the gospel as we share the love of Jesus with them.

Operation Joshua:

This is our biggest Operation Joshua yet! Pray for God’s wisdom for the team in planning this year’s program.

Maritime Ministry:

Pray for the expansion of the Maritime Ministry. Praise the Lord for the Maritime Ministry and the opportunity of taking His love to the islands.