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The needs in Greece are far greater than any one ministry can handle. As a result the Lord has blessed us with a wide and diverse team able to minister in various settings. Our ministries range from taking care of the downcast and needy, to distributing New Testaments, to having fun water-skiing and sailing. Everybody can find some field they can minister out of. Please take a look at our various ministries and if you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Social Action

With Greece being the gateway from the Middle East to Europe, as well as having such high abortion rates, Hellenic Ministries tackles the issues on three fronts with the Good Samaritan, Eleos Ministries, and the Hope Center.

eleos     good-samaritan     hope-center


Even though we incorporate an aspect of discipleship into all of our ministries, we have a few ministries dedicated to discipleship such as the Summer Sports and Water Camps, the Worship Events, and Porto Astro.

porto-astro     sports-camps     worship-events


With only 2% of Greeks going to church on any given Sunday it is important for us to reach out and share the gospel. We do so through initiatives such as Operation Joshua, the Maritime Ministry, as well as through television, and church planting.

tv_ministry     oj     morning_star     church_planting

Missions to the Nations

The best way for Greeks to catch the vision for their own country is by being introduced to ministries in other countries. Through ISXYS and Eurorelief we invite young Greek people to join us on mission trips around the globe.

eurorelief     isxys