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Good Samaritan
Good Samaritan

The Need

As a result of civil uprising, violence, famine, and hunger, many families from Northern Africa and the Middle East continue to flee their homes seeking refuge within European boarders. For these asylum seekers, Greece has become a gateway into the European Union. Upon arrival however, smuggled refugees are faced with the reality of a crippled economy and little to no infrastructure to assist with the basic necessities of food, housing, and medical attention.

Our Response

Hellenic Ministry’s Health & Social Center consists of a medical clinic and learning center specifically designed for refugee women and children. We provide practical services in the form of medical care, language classes, and various social services. By meeting some of these most basic physical needs and equipping women with various skill sets, it is our desire to to offer displaced and distressed refugees hope in very dark circumstances.

Your Participation

Please consider joining us! There are many possibilities for one to serve in this ministry. Whether you are a trained medical provider, have a passion for teaching and discipleship, or simply have a heart to serve with children in the nursery, we have need for you! Come partner with us in ministering to the lives of people who have essentially lost all hope.