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Sports Camps
Sports Camps

In July 2003 Hellenic Ministries launched its new youth ministry ‘Sports Camp’ at the sea front property, Porto Astro. Each year, Camp features various activities including jet skis, tubing, water-skiing, knee boarding, banana boat, archery, beach volleyball, trampoline, sailing, diving, swimming, climbing wall, wind surfing, canoeing and ‘The Blob’, as well as music and art activities.

The purpose of Sports Camp is to launch youth into a deeper love relationship with Jesus, and service in His name. Along with daily team and personal devotional times, the evening rallies encourage participants with an intense focus on God’s Word, the Bible.

Water Ski*
Jet Ski
Fly Fish
Climbing Tower*

*Some activities are not available at the children’s camp, due to safety reasons.

To be announced!

Bathing Suit (one piece for women/ no “Speedos” for men)
Beach towel
Sunglasses & hat
Water bottle
Shoes (athletic & sandals)
Work clothes & shoes
Casual wear advised (modesty required)
Journal/note pad & pen
Bath towel
Pillow & pillowcase
Bedding (set of twin sheets & sleeping bag)
Laundry soap for doing hand washing
Skin Lotion (recommended as salt water and sun are very drying)
Insect repellant
Flashlight & batteries or headlamp

Water shoes (are recommended because of rocky beach)
Mask, snorkel, fins
Antibacterial liquid
Dehydration powder to mix in water (i.e. Gatorade)

“Coming from the traditional church setting in Northern Ireland I have been really blessed by the freshness of the Greek Christians. These Sports Camps have been proof of how God is rewarding the vision and faith of the Hellenic Ministries team. Yes, there were lots of fun activities, but when I asked a young traffic policeman from Athens what was the highlight of his week – it wasn’t the jet skis or water-skiing, but the morning devotions and evening messages that blessed his heart. – A 27-year-old Greek receptionist responded to the week by saying she now wanted to go serve others the way she was served this week.

“My own personal highlight was on Thursday evening after the rally when a small circle of Greek young people expanded to a large circle. They all welcomed each other into the group. A bond of unity had been formed and as Psalm 133 reads, “How pleasant it is when brethren dwell together in unity”, for there the Lord commands the blessing. Yes, we were certainly blessed!” – Noel, Camp Volunteer Worker