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Worship Events
Worship Events

“House of Worship” is a gathering together to celebrate the Lord and to challenge Greek young adults to pray for the nation of Greece. The events are held in the downtown Athens Hall on 14 Evripidou Street, on the first Sunday evening of each month. It’s a time for worship and prayer, and partnering between churches of Athens and of Greece. All are welcome to join!
House of Worship is…
Worship through singing
Worship through prayer
Worship through fellowship
Worship through giving
Worship through going
Worship through studying the Word
Worship through sharing the gospel

In the teens’ words, House of Worship for Teens is…
By teens, for teens. A place where we get to reach out to other teens, and develop solid Christian friendships.
We learn to worship God with our music, which we love anyway, so it’s easy for us to praise God and have fun.
We get to minister to people our own age, and since we organize everything—the worship, the devotional talk, and the discussion questions—we’re responsible for the results.
“No Big People Involved.” We get to do everything to make it work.
We get to trade prayer requests and then pray for each other throughout the week.
We get to be accountable to each other and are challenged to live holy lives, since we know we’ll be seeing other peers who believe. We also must be the examples to others.
We meet about 5 times a year, every other month, at Evripidou Hall. Anyone is welcome, ages 13 until graduation.